Top 5 famous wanna-be musicians of 2015

MWith the changing genre of music over the past few decades, people find it hard to develop a solid taste in a certain kind of music. Especially the last five years music has changed in every aspect. In 2015, pop music appeared dead because of many of the singers that consider themselves fit for the field but, the truth is, they are destroying the basics of the music industry. People who used to listen to calm and clear music are now changing their tastes because of such wanna-be musicians and artists. I blame several leading musicians for this but I have compiled a list of the 5 I believe to be the most influential within the music industry this year.

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Top five famouswanna-be musicians of 2015 are:

  1. Miley Cyrus
    After stepping into the music industry, most people thought her to be the new Lana Del Ray of current era but the reality was way off track. When she sings, it sounds like a cat dying because of hunger. People even stated it makes them vomit when they listen to her songs. What the biggest problem with her is that she just can’t stand the popularity of other singers who are actually good. So she’s just trying out new ways to get the fame and attention from others. And those silly stupid ways are doing nothing but just taking her down and drawing her some negative attention.
  2. Nicki Minaj
    One should never underestimate her ability to write terrible lyrics. Listening to her songs feel like someone from another planet has arrived and taken over the music industry trying to implement their music taste on us. She is without any doubt the worst singer ever but pretends to be a professional. What I’m really curious about is how she even got famous.
  3. Lil Wayne
    There is Eminem who is trying his best to keep the rap genre intact for those who love to listen to rap, and then there is Lil Wayne, who is literally trying his best to suck out the very life of it. His music is just pointless noise. His songs are just pure “fail” and all he does is talk about being a drug addict.He plays guitar like a five-year-old kid. All of his fans are junkies who obviously have criminal records of epic fail. And I bet, over 90% of his fans are in jail without parole.
  4. Limp Bizkit
    We all know that Limp Bizkit caught fame like fire over someone else’s shoulders: the guitarist Wes Borland. And what’s worse? All Limp ever does is pretend about his awesomeness and fool audiences with some make-believe voice and awkward moves. Well, that band can have the best of insanity, if anything.
  5. Justin Bieber
    Although his singing voice isn’t considered bad, it’s more about the way he tried to manipulate his music and how he looks like a wanna-be musician and gangster. Listening to his music sounds like finger nails scraping a black board. The worst part of all, he sounds like a girl.

5 reasons why you’re still just a wanna-be musician/actor

Many of you are still stuck at the level you started, although you thought it would change with time and that you’d go further in the film or music industry. Just like the people say “one step at a time”,but you are still at the same level as before and you seem to never get the well-deserved appreciation from others in the industry.


You should know that this profession requires a lot of determination, and unless you completely devote yourself to the field and try hard, looking for opportunities and taking risks, you’ll never go forward and this happens to many actors.

5 main reasons why you still are just awanna-be actor or musician:

  1. You’re taking it very lightly
    After stepping into this field, you get to a beginner point very easily. For example, someone with authority might’ve listened to you while singing and they decided to keep you as a live singer for performances. But you never get ahead of that, the main reason is because you suddenly start to take it lightly, and you don’t work hard to move ahead anymore which greatly stunts your professionalism. To get into the industry you need to take certain difficult steps.


  1. Emotions and profession don’t mix
    If you want to succeed in the music or artistic world, you have to learn how to make decisions based on logic and not emotion. It’s not always going to be easy, but it’s what you have to do to make wise decisions. If for some reason you aren’t able to think clearly, then don’t make any major decisions. Sleep on your emotions until you have a logical answer or get some guidance from a peer or someone experienced in the industry.


  1. You’re not being patient
    If you think you’re going to get from a stage to worldwide industry of music or acting within a day or week then you are completely wrong and being misguided. This is one of the main reasons you see people every now and then talking about their failures stating they can’t move any further. The main reason behind this is that they don’t wait long enough. It takes years to develop skills, meet the right people, and move up. Even the best singers of these days took over a decade to come from local singing to the worldwide musician stage.


  1. Communication Skills
    In my experience, the number one reason people miss out on an opportunity is because they are horrible at communicating, especially with those in the industry. More importantly, they are horrible at communicating through the normal channels, they hardly try to get in touch with anyone who can get them a chance to show their skills. Learn to see opportunities and become a good networker and communicator.


  1. Not being Ideological
    The main thing is having an idea or a goal in mind. An idea can make it very easy for you to move ahead. Those artists that can create imaginative ideas move forward more easily. Keep your ideas in the forefront of your imagination and work hard to make these a reality. Good luck!

5 must-have attributes for actors

What makes you a good actor?You must be greatly convincing in your roleand you must be able to portray yourself accurately, being the best expressive manipulator for your audience. To be successful and an attention seeking actor, you must possess certain attributes.

Are you an actor?

The answer depends on your past experience in this field. If you’ve acted in a certain role (no matter how big) in high-school and never went on stage again, you are probably not considered an actor. On the other hand, if you start by taking small roles and have done this throughout the years, then more than likely you can consider yourself an actor. But are you a good one; one that possesses skill?

Acting, we all know, requires depth and emotions. You need perseverance, constant learning and a boat load of skills.

There are a lot of attributes you need in order to be an actor such as:


  1. Knowing your type
    Know if you are the type of actor that would do best in a leading roleor rather jumping in as a supporting actor. Maybe you make a great villain or superhero. This greatly affects your ability to become an actor by catching the eyes of the audience.

When rehearsing, take a deeper look at how the character you’re playing suits you, and you must feel it under your skin to bring out your best acting. This is a gradual process, but it’s worthwhile to know what your type really is.


  1. Physical Attraction
    This is the most important attribute when you want to show yourself as an actor. Maybe you’re not the most attractive person or you don’t have the best personality, but it’s important to understand this about yourself. By trying to jump into an acting role that doesn’t necessarily suit you can be detrimental to your success. So, try different things by changing your acting styles like the way you’re walking, talking, and interacting.


  1. High Degree of Professionalism
    You might have another line of work other than acting, solet that shine through every now and then. When people ask you the question “what do you do?”, your answer should include your main work but don’t forget to mention that you are an actor.Be confident in the way that you say it.


  1. Overcoming unneeded attributes
    There are certain habits or attributes, both physical and mental, that you might have and such attributes can cause great hurdles in getting you to your success point. Never allow such things to take over yourself and always try to avoid things that can be a danger to your acting skills on stage.
  1. Profound imagination

If you have a deeper imagination, you will find it easy to play characters and act out more maturely and genuinely. An ability to visualize the act in your mind gives you more perception of how you should perform, and this will gradually groom your acting skills. Try to be more open and careful about how you bring it to action and, this way, you can easily level up your acting by using your vivid imagination.